More Resources in Chinese

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China Christian Books (中国基督教书刊)publishes lots of books online for free. Most of them are reformed. Also there are some classical commentaries written by John Calvin and others.

Reformation Translation Fellowship Publishing Company has a website where you can find lots of books in Chinese. Here is the 2011 catalogue.


Revised Chinese Union Version online

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The latest Revised Chinese Union Version Bible is available online now from HongKong Bible Society.

Bible Study Materials in Chinese 中文读经资料

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As I am pastoring a Mandarin congregation, I have increasingly found that there are not many literatures out there suitable for Mainland background to use. And I am not that familiar with these resources either. Since some members from my church have asked me to recommend some books or online articles for them to read, here I list some web links that I know. If you know any good stuff out there, please let me know too.

Chinese Treasure (信仰宝库)- a good library with materials for all levels of people.

Desiring God (渴慕神)- 约翰。派博事工 – it’s John Piper, say no more!

“圣经概论” - 福音中国网站  - a brief introduction of all books from the Bible. On the same website, there are other books translated into Chinese, but I don’t know anything about them, I can’t find any information about the authors or publishers so I can’t say anything.

China Soul – 神州传播协会 - 远志明 and his organization have produced lots of wonderful video resources online and also you can find his writing online. Highly recommanded! Also, here is his own blog “远方的心月

Here is another website posted heaps stuff on it but I don’t know those authors, but it is worthy to check them out – “武林英雄帖

Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church tries to reach out to those Mandarin speaking intellectuals in HK, their website is worthy checking out.

Devotion from Ephesians 3

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Recently, I was asked to give a devotion at 2011 IS Australia AGM. I haven’t preached in English since I joined SWCCC this January, so I kinda enjoyed the process of writing a short talk in English and Christine got chance to fix my English again too.

Devotion notes: 2011AGM devotion

2011 SMBC Preaching Conference Day 1 notes

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1_What is Biblical Preaching_Mike Bullmore

3_Why persevere biblical peraching_Mike Bullmore

Sermon: “Guard the Gospel” – 2 Timothy 1

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It was great that I got to preach about the gospel as my last sermon at Hurstville Presbyterian Church. After the service, many people came to say goodbye to us. We will miss them, but glad that we are still in the same area.

Sermon notes (.pdf) sermon_2tim1

Sermon: “Surprised by Grace” – Ephesians 2:1-7

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Sermon notes (.pdf) sermon_eph2

I have learned a lot from Tullian Tchividjian’s recent book “Surprised by Grace“, so you probably will find that I have ripped off lots of good ideas from the book. I hope this will do us good. 🙂

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